lunes, 30 de noviembre de 2020

Porqué es importante masterizar en dominio analógico

Myth: There is no improvement from working at 192 KHz, 48 KHz it's just fine.

Fact: Working at higher sample rates makes a great difference. As your sample rate increases, your sound gets closer to the analog experience. See, if you have 4x the amount of samples per second (48 x 4 =1 92), this will translate in more detail to your sound. Consider the following image:

Here you can see a very simple waveform, a sine wave, whenever you convert this signal to digital, it will need to be cut in chunks of information so it could be represented as bytes (sequences of zeros and ones). As sound are vibrations that occur in time, so is its digital representation so the sample rate means how many chunks will be taken each second, think of the rectangles as such chunks.

As you can see, each chunk lacks a small triangle over them, this is information that gets lost, however 48,000 chunks/samples (48 KHz) per each second is a lot and the triangles of lost information are very, very small so the human brain most likely won't notice they are gone, that's why you will most likely hear your record or mix pretty awesome... but.

Have you ever noticed that a record from a major artist sound way bigger than that from an independent artist? In fact, it seems to blast your speakers (in a nice way) in comparison from the indie one.

Of course there are major differences in terms of equipment and studio acoustics but I can asure you that not one of them major artists record or mix in 48 KHz. So as far as an indie artist could be from analog gear that cost around 3K or microphones above 1K there is always the

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